• Essentials of Project Management for the Non-Project Manager - 90 Mins Webinar
  • Essentials of Project Management for the Non-Project Manager - 90 Mins Webinar

    • Speaker : Charles H. Paul
    • Session Code : CLMAR2823
    • Date : 28th March 2023
    • Time : 1:00 PM Eastern Time / 10:00 AM Pacific Time
    • Duration : 90 Mins



What do you do?  Here is a common scenario.  You are three years out of college in your first engineering job.  You are sitting in a meeting about the introduction of a new packaging line in your pharmaceutical plant.  You are half listening to the presentation while thinking about some of the other work you need to complete on different matters.  The installation will take a year to execute and will require the coordination with several functions inside and outside of the company. 


Suddenly the Director of Engineering turns to you and says "Allison, this would be a great first opportunity for you to manage a very interesting project.  Let's meet tomorrow and discuss your initial plans for getting started." 


This is an all too common occurrence in today's business environment. 


Unfortunately, project management is not a subject given much attention in college and university these days.  The answer?  Get some training - some basic understandable project management training that will provide you with a solid foundation for managing that first project or to simply sharpen existing project management skills. 


It is not just important to learn about project management – project management has its own body of knowledge – its own set of standards that all project managers follow called the Project Management Body of Knowledge.  Any valuable training must teach/present the content comprising this Body of Knowledge.


It is not possible to present a complete treatment of project management in the span of 90 minutes.  It is however possible to focus in on those most critical project management aspects that are critical to the success of any project.  Without basic tools, it is not possible to effectively manage a project to the pre-determined end-date without turmoil and chaos.


Areas covered in the session:

  • What is a project?
  • What is project management?
  • What is the project manager?
  • What is the PMI and the PMBOK?
  • The project phases
  • The triple constraint
  • Authority and responsibility
  • Identifying and interacting with stakeholders and why they are important
  • Why is effective project initiation critical to project management?
  • The Statement of Work
  • The Project Charter
  • Identifying project tasks
  • Planning for task completion – the planning tools
  • Controlling the project


Why should you attend?


Today more than ever before the job titles that we hold are not entirely reflective of the work that we do.


Global teams and collaboration often place those in positions of team leadership that have the least foundation to manage all facets of complex projects.  Project management requires specific knowledge of the key project facets that must be carefully managed.  The interactions across divergent corporate functions, culture, language, and time zones all pose unique challenges to the new project manager.


This webinar will address the project management critical tasks within each project phase that must be performed flawlessly for effective project execution to occur and will provide the foundation and direction for future study of the subject.


Who will benefit?


  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotech organizations
  • Cosmetic and foods manufacturers
  • Engineering
  • Research & Development
  • Technical Services
  • Supply Chain
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Operations

Charles H. Paul is the President of C. H. Paul Consulting, Inc. – a regulatory, training, and technical documentation consulting firm.  Charles has been a regulatory consultant for over 25 years and has published numerous white papers on the subject.  His firm works with both domestic and international clients designing solutions for complex regulatory, Lean, training, and documentation issues.

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