• Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


    How do webinars work at Amorit Education?


    A webinar at Amorit Education is an online seminar that allows participants to interact directly with the presenter. During the Q&A session, you can ask questions in real-time, ensuring an engaging and informative experience.


    How do I access a live webinar?


    Upon registration, you'll receive detailed instructions via email on how to access the live training program online. Ensure your registered email address is correct to avoid any disruptions.


    Can I ask questions during the webinar?


    Absolutely! Engaging with the speaker through questions is a key component of our training programs. Feel free to ask your questions over the call or via chat. If you prefer, you can send your questions in a private message during or after the event, and our team will relay them to the speaker.


    What if I haven’t received an invoice for my purchase?


    Registered users can log in to their account and click on "Orders" to print an invoice. Alternatively, anyone can obtain an invoice through our website's chat feature. Simply provide your name, registered email address, and request for an invoice to receive a downloadable link.


    What is a recorded session, and how can I access it?


    A recorded session allows you to download and keep the webinar indefinitely. Access to the recorded event will be shared within 4 hours after the live event concludes.


    Can I share the recordings with my colleagues?


    Yes, recordings can be shared within your company network. However, distributing the content on social media without Amorit Education's consent is prohibited and may result in legal action.


    What are group sessions, and how do they work?


    Group sessions are designed for companies wishing to enroll multiple employees in an event. Starting at $349 for 5 users, these sessions allow real-time interaction with our experts and are customizable to fit your budget and needs.


    How can I use a discount coupon or credits?


    Coupons and credits can be applied on the cart page during the checkout process.


    Can I share my webinar login details with a colleague?


    Sharing login credentials is allowed only if you're unable to attend a live session. This permission is for single-user purchases related to live events. For group sessions, please ensure proper registration to accommodate all participants.


    What should I do if I haven't received email instructions for accessing the webinar?


    Login details are sent one day before the event. If you haven't received them, please contact us via phone or chat for assistance.


    Is there a deadline to register for a webinar?


    We recommend registering early for live events. For recorded sessions or training CDs, you can register at any time. For last-minute live event registrations, consult our customer support to ensure availability.


    What is a training CD/USB drive, and how do I access it?


    Training CDs/USB drives provide a tangible way to access and revisit training programs. They are ideal for those without the budget for group sessions or wishing to reach a wider audience within their organization.


    Can I print presentation materials and handouts?


    Yes, all presentation materials and handouts will be emailed to you before the event starts, allowing you to print and review them as needed.


    Are there membership plans available?


    We offer membership plans for both individual and corporate users. To tailor a package that meets your training objectives at an affordable cost, please discuss your needs with our sales support team.