Cancellation & Refund Policy

Please read the following cancellation and refund policy as they will give you the guidelines about your rights and obligations as our esteemed customer. When buying a training course on AmoritEducation website or any of its Affiliates website, you agree to our following terms and conditions.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

AmoritEducation reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any webinar/event due to inevitable reasons such as insufficient registrations or circumstances beyond its control (like floods, earthquakes, other natural calamities, etc.). In such instance, attendees will be notified about the cancellation 6-12 hours prior to the start time of the webinar event.

The cancelled webinar could be rescheduled and a New Date would be promptly intimated to the attendees.

In such an event, the attendee can opt for one of the below:

1. If the newly proposed date is not of the registrant's/attendee's convenience, then the registrant's/attendee's will be given an option to access the recorded version of completed event of the same 24 hours later the event go Live - which then the attendee/registrant can access/download for unlimited time through our website ( If you find any difficulties to access the link then email ( us for support.

2. The attendees may also opt to take a different webinar, which has a same price tag at a future date & time.

3. On-Demand recordings (Recent Event of the same) in exchange but equal to the original amount remitted.

4. A redeemable coupon/voucher (valid for 12 months), which could be used to purchase any of our future events.

5. AmoritEducation will process refund only if an event that has been cancelled, is not rescheduled within 60 days from the original scheduled date of the webinar.

6. If a webinar is cancelled completely, an attendee may opt either of above options or a full refund of amount paid in a single settlement. The payment will be processed within 7 business days from the date request was made.

Individual attendees can cancel their event for any specific reason. They must notify AmoritEducation about the cancellation of their registration at least 48 hours prior to the event start date and time. In such an event, a refund will be processed.

If the attendee fails to cancel the registration to the event within the stipulated time mentioned above or if he/she fails to attend the event, don’t worry, call/chat to our customer support and they will assist you with plenty of options.

NOTE: For further clarification on the refund or cancellation policy, you can contact our customer support team over the phone or please feel free to write to us on