• Nacha Rules 2022-23: Key Changes, Compliance & Impact Analysis
  • Nacha Rules 2022-23: Key Changes, Compliance & Impact Analysis

    • Speaker : Donna K Olheiser
    • Session Code : DOAUG2223
    • Date : 22nd August 2023
    • Time : This Event is Over and the Recorded Content is Available
    • Duration : 75 Mins


The Automated Clearing House (ACH) Network serves as the backbone of electronic money movement within the U.S., handling billions of transactions each year. With this vast scope, adhering to the Nacha Operating Rules is of paramount importance for each participant in the network.

The year 2022 brought forth pivotal amendments to these rules, signifying not just subtle shifts, but transformative changes in the ACH landscape. One of the most significant amendments includes a comprehensive clarification on the roles and responsibilities of Third-Party Senders (TPS). With the introduction and recognition of Nested Third-Party Sender relationships, the nature of engagement and compliance for stakeholders is set to witness an overhaul. Add to this the nuances introduced with Micro-Entries and late-night ACH updates, and it becomes abundantly clear that these aren't just updates; they are a reimagining of traditional processes.

This webinar seeks to demystify these changes, ensuring that participants are not just reactive, but proactive in their adaptation, ensuring compliance, efficiency, and mastery over the evolving ACH operational procedures.


Areas covered in the session:


  • Define amendments to the Rules on Expanding Same Day ACH and how these changes will affect you as a financial institution, as the RDFI and the ODFI!
  • Included will be the most recent amendment on clarifying the roles and responsibilities of Third-Party Senders (TPS) in the ACH Network by addressing the existing practice of Nested Third-Party Sender relationships (effective Sept 2022)
  • Recent RFC (Request for Comment) plus an RFI ( Request for Information)  on Risk Management Topics

Why should you attend?


Staying compliant in the rapidly evolving ACH landscape isn't just a regulatory requirement—it's a competitive necessity. Ignorance or misunderstanding of the 2022 amendments to the Nacha Operating Rules could place organizations at significant operational, reputational, and financial risks.


Timely Compliance: With the introduction of Nested Third-Party Sender relationships and the subsequent clarification on roles, there's an added layer of intricacy in ACH operations. This webinar helps you to swiftly navigate these complexities and ensure your operations remain above board.

Operational Efficiency: Unpack the specifics of the Micro-Entries details and late-night ACH updates. Grasping these changes means streamlining operations, reducing errors, and optimizing transaction flows for your organization.

WSUD Updates: Nacha's Operations Bulletins in March 2023 recommended significant updates to the WSUD. Learn what these updates mean for your organization and how to incorporate them seamlessly into your operations, ensuring both compliance and optimal functionality.

Future-Ready Insights: The webinar also dives deep into the Recent RFC (Request for Comment) and RFI (Request for Information) on upcoming risk management topics. Equip yourself with knowledge on potential future shifts, allowing your organization to be ahead of the curve.


Stay Competitive: In an era where financial operations are increasingly digital, understanding these rule changes ensures your organization remains agile, competitive, and ready to leverage the ACH network to its fullest potential.


By the end of this webinar, you won't just understand the rules—you'll be equipped to turn these changes into opportunities, fostering growth, efficiency, and compliance for your organization.


Who should attend?

  • Financial Institution Professionals (New/Current Ops Staff)
  • Third-Party Processors
  • Originating Companies
  • Banking Operations Managers and Staff
  • Compliance and Risk Professionals
  • Treasury Management Professionals
  • Aspiring and Current AAPs (Accredited ACH Professionals)
  • Banking Managers/ Supervisors
  • Audit and Compliance Personnel / Risk Managers

Donna K Olheiser, AAP, is the vice president of Education Services and founder of Dynamic Mastership, LLC. She is an enthusiastic and energetic Certified Master Trainer with over 14 years’ experience. She has designed and facilitated over 150 training sessions each year with her expertise being the rules for companies and financial institutions when processing electronic (specifically ACH) payments, then scheduling the events to facilitate/deliver the material through a variety of venues (webinars, teleseminars, in-person workshops, including regional and national conferences). Ms. Olheiser is also an experienced project manager managing education programs for organizations processing electronic payments and developing personalized training programs for financial institutions.

She has over 23 years of experience in the financial services industry which includes 9 years’ experience as the education service director at a Regional Payments Association (RPA), where she managed and facilitated the entire education program for nearly 800 financial institution members. Prior to that, Ms. Olheiser spent 14 years in various departments with the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and also holds the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) designation (achieved in 2004).

Her extensive knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for transferring payment processing knowledge using the adult learning theory is remarkable and has helped many payment professionals perform daily operational tasks including exception processing while remaining compliant with the NACHA Operating Rules. She uses scenarios and examples to bring the learning home, easy to comprehend and apply to real-life day-to-day ACH processing. Ms. Olheiser’s ability to engage the learner through the entire training event helps the adult learner apply what they’ve learned during and after each training session.

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