• Multi-State Payroll Tax Compliance in 2024 - Navigating Complexities
  • Multi-State Payroll Tax Compliance in 2024 - Navigating Complexities

    • Speaker : Dayna Reum
    • Session Code : DMAPR1724
    • Date : 17th April 2024
    • Time : This Event is Over and the Recorded Content is Available
    • Duration : 60 Mins



In the dynamic and interconnected business environment of 2024, multi-state payroll tax compliance stands out as a formidable challenge for organizations. The trend towards remote work and the expansion of businesses across state lines have brought to the forefront the complexities of managing payroll taxes in a multi-jurisdictional context.


This webinar is meticulously designed to unravel the intricacies of multi-state payroll tax compliance, offering attendees a panoramic view of the evolving regulatory landscape and the practical challenges it presents. At the heart of this webinar is a comprehensive exploration of how to effectively manage income tax withholding for employees who navigate the blurred boundaries between living in one state and working in another, or those who perform services across various states.


The discussion will pivot around the default rule of state income tax withholding, which anchors the tax obligations to the state where services are performed. However, the overlay of an employee's state of residence adds a layer of complexity, demanding a nuanced understanding of how these factors intertwine to shape an employer's withholding responsibilities.


Delving deeper, the concept of nexus emerges as a critical piece of the multi-state payroll tax puzzle. The presence of an employer in a state—be it through an office, a store, or a remote employee—can trigger a nexus, setting the stage for withholding requirements that defy simplicity. The webinar will elucidate how nexus influences an organization's payroll tax duties and the strategic considerations it necessitates.


Reciprocity agreements between states offer a semblance of simplicity in this complex domain. Yet, the absence of reciprocity agreements in many scenarios propels payroll professionals into a labyrinth of regulatory requirements and potential double taxation dilemmas. The session aims to equip participants with the knowledge to navigate these challenges, shedding light on the intricacies of withholding tax in the absence of reciprocity and the strategies to mitigate the risks of double taxation.


The transient nature of today's workforce, characterized by employees who work in multiple states, further compounds the complexity of multi-state payroll tax compliance. The webinar will address the complexities of state nonresident taxation thresholds and their implications for withholding tax, offering insights into the impact of legislative developments on these aspects.


This session is not just about understanding the letter of the law; it's about grasping its spirit and learning to apply this knowledge in a way that ensures compliance while supporting business objectives. Attendees will leave with a clear roadmap for navigating the multi-state payroll tax landscape, armed with the latest information, strategies, and best practices to manage the intricacies of multi-state taxation confidently and effectively.


By attending this webinar attendees will gain a critical edge in mastering multi-state payroll tax compliance, ensuring they are well-prepared to address the challenges of today's and tomorrow's tax landscape.


Areas covered during the session:

  • Telecommuting and why it creates a tax liability for employers
  • Residency
  • Reciprocity Agreements
  • Resident/Non Resident Withholding Rules
  • Evaluating taxation for multiple states
  • What wages are subject to taxation?
  • Withholding compliance issues.
  • State Unemployment Insurance
  • Traveling Employees
  • Administrative Concerns
  • HR Concerns
  • Local tax residency rules
  • Case Studies
  • Department of Labor requirements

Why You Should Attend:


In the rapidly evolving landscape of 2024, mastering multi-state payroll tax compliance is more crucial than ever. This webinar offers a deep dive into the complexities of multi-state taxation, equipping you with the knowledge to navigate the intricate web of regulations confidently. You'll learn about the latest in nexus laws, reciprocity agreements, and withholding strategies, ensuring your organization stays compliant while avoiding costly penalties. With insights into recent legislative changes and best practices for handling the payroll of a geographically dispersed workforce, you'll be prepared to tackle the challenges of multi-state payroll tax compliance head-on.

Moreover, this session provides a unique opportunity to gain expert guidance and practical solutions from a leading professional in the field. It's an essential platform for engaging with the complexities of multi-state payroll, offering actionable insights that can be applied immediately to your payroll processes. Whether you're looking to enhance your expertise, ensure your organization's compliance, or navigate the nuances of state tax laws, this webinar is a pivotal resource for staying ahead in the ever-changing domain of payroll tax compliance.


Who Should Attend:


This webinar is designed for professionals involved in payroll, accounting, finance, and human resources, including:


  • Payroll Managers
  • Payroll Specialists
  • Payroll Administrators
  • Accounting Managers
  • Tax Managers
  • HR Managers
  • CFOs and Controllers
  • Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Dayna is currently the Director of Payroll Operations at a major medical center in Chicago.  Dayna has been heavily involved in the payroll field over 17 years.  Starting as a payroll clerk at a small Tucson company, Dayna moved on to be a Payroll Team Leader at Honeywell Inc. During Dayna’s time at Honeywell she obtained her FPC (Fundamental Payroll Certification) through the American Payroll Association.  She also received several merit awards for Customer Service and Acquisitions and Divestitures.

Dayna is no stranger to teaching she has taught at the Metro Phoenix American Payroll Association meetings and at the Arizona State Payroll Conference.  Topics including Payroll Basics, Global/Cultural Awareness, Immigration Basics for the Payroll Professional, Multi-State and Local Taxation and Quality Control for Payroll, International and Canadian payroll.

Dayna has her CPP (Certified Payroll Professional) through the APA.  She also serves on the National American Payroll Association on the National Strategic Leadership Task Force, Government Affairs Task Force (PA Local tax subcommittee).  Dayna has received a Citation of Merit for her service along with being a Gold Pin member of the APA. 

Besides her payroll accomplishments Dayna is certified in HR hiring and firing practices and is a Six-Sigma Greenbelt.

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